Resume & Credits

My career - in list form.

Editorial Credits

Universal Pictures

Jurassic World

  • "A New Vision" (theatrical featurette)

  • Masrani Global Reels (viral marketing campaign)

  • "Jurassic's Closet Shaves" (home ent. featurette)

  • 2014 Toy Fair Sales Reel (sizzle reel)

  • Filmmaker Presentation (90 minute graphic-driven presentation)

  • HBO First Look (theatrical featurette) [assistant editor]

Crimson Peak

  • "A Look Inside" (theatrical featurette)

  • "Visit Crimson Peak" (theatrical featurette)

  • Universal Studios Tram Video (theme park teaser)

Safe House

  • HBO First Look (theatrical featurette) [assistant editor]

Netflix/Marvel Entertainment


  • "Fight Choreography" (theatrical featurette)

  • Character Pods (theatrical featurettes)



  • "Cool Tips" (30 second TV spot)


Inside Out

  • "Get To Know Your Emotions" (30 second TV spots)

Fox Searchliht


  • "Reese Witherspoon In The Wild" (theatrical featurette)

  • "Bringing The Book Into The Wild" (theatrical featurette)

Enough Said

  • HBO First Look (theatrical featurette) [additional editor]

Open Road Films


  • "Absurdity" (45 second TV spot)

Max Steel

  • "Meet The Cast Teaser" (sizzle reel)

Silent Hill:  Revelation

  • "Halloween Horror Nights" (theme park teaser)

Lions Gate Entertainment

Skelton Twins

  • "To Whom It May Concern" (home ent. featurette)

Nurse 3D

  • "Bad Medicine:  The Making of Nurse" (home ent. featurette)

Sony Pictures

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2

  • "Anatomy of a Foodimal" (home ent. featurette)

  • "Back to the Kitchen" (home ent. featurette)

  • "Foodimal Chain" (Amazon exclusive)

  • "Flint, The Computer, and The Monkey" (30 minute Target exclusive)

The Amazing Spiderman

  • "Target Special Edition Ad (30 second TV spot)

20th Century Fox


  • "Inside The Mirror:  Creating Oculus" (home ent. featurette)


  • "Rot Rocks!" (home ent. featurette)

  • "Bugs of Camouflage" (home ent. featurette)

Brick Mansions

  • "Brick by Brick" (home ent. featurette)

Earth To Echo

  • "We Made That!:  Creating of Earth to Echo" (home ent. featurette)

Warner Bros.

The 100 - Season 1

  • "Creating the World of  The 100:  The Ark" (home ent. featurette)

We're The Millers

  • EPK Sizzles (sizzle reels)


90210 - Season 4

  • Set Tours (home ent. featurettes)